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International Business Intelligence

“The world has become a global village” is a statement that is resonating more and truer, notably in the economic and business world.  As such, business, of all sizes, are becoming more reliant on cross-border ventures as means of maintaining their growth.  

Stepping outside ones’ own home base and expanding in the global market, is indeed a task full of potential rewards for growth.  Nevertheless, it is a task that also requires substantial focus and attention from the management teams in order to avoid obstacles, manage risks and formulate and execute the right internationalisation strategy.   

As John Kenneth Galbraith pointed out, “Organising a company to do business internationally remains one of the most complex managerial responsibilities: choices must be made, challenges must be met and mind-sets must be transformed.”

At BDO, we have developed a recognised expertise in supporting our clients on as their aim to grow their business cross borders. Our IBI service line team works accompanies the management in covering al aspect of this approach, covering the main stages of:

a.  International Growth Planning

As growth plans are formulated, considering entry into a cross border market forms a key section of such approaches.  Our team will support the management in formulating such strategies and would cover various stages of this expansion, including among others:

  • Identifying the expansion markets targeted by reviewing the target client segment size, consumer behavior and other factors
  • Analysing markets entry risks (administrative, legal, commercial, financial, competitive and others) and formulating targeted mitigation strategies to address the relevant risks identified
  • Assessment of the timing of entry into the target market accounting for various market and regulatory considerations

b.  Organisational Structuring and Preparation for Cross Border Expansion

Once the internationalisation strategy is planned and formulated, a number of structural considerations need to be addressed in order to ensure the right organisational platform is in place to support the execution.  International operations would usually require their own structures and organisational issues to adhere to local regulations.  The smooth integration and interfacing of these structures with the parent company set up would be a key aspect in the overall company extension and culture. Our team will support the management in addressing such organisational considerations, including among others:

  • Operational set up among the parent company and the overseas operation
  • Financial implications and impact of the overseas operations on the parent company financial positioning and financial support requirements
  • Human resources selection and structure set up to allow for the parent company culture and identity to be maintained and built up further.

c.  Execution Support in internationalisation strategies

Upon formulating internationalisation strategies (or in response to specific execution support requests), our team of experts acts jointly with the company management to approach the execution of such plans.  The support services include among others:

  • Approaching service providers in the target market to help with incorporation and related corporate actions  
  • Strategically advising the management on their negotiations with local venture partners, suppliers and business related stakeholders
  • Ongoing market insights and introductions to commercial growth opportunities as per the identified strategy