• Technology Risk Advisory

Technology Risk Advisory


Businesses today churn out a huge amount of digital footprint and require massive data connectivity via computers, smartphones, tablets, video conferencing and/or VOIP to conduct their daily business operations.

As IT becomes an integral part to gain a competitive edge, companies are operating in an increasingly complex digital environment. Organisations rely on IT, yet the trust they place in IT is constantly challenged by data leakage, system weakness, fraud and corruption.

What BDO can do for your business

BDO’s Technology Risk and Advisory (TRA) aims to provide a comprehensive investigative turn-key solution to clients in all aspects of digital forensics. Our team has extensive experience and expertise to help our clients better understand and manage IT risks, identify and uncover digital trails of misconduct.

TRA division has a combined experience of over 30 years. Our key personnel are former law enforcement officers with excellent track records in the field of digital forensic investigation.

We believe that our work is not just about numbers; it’s about working through the business realities of the matter to ensure that our client receives value-added and cost-effective solutions.

Our services include:

  • Proactive forensic acquisition of digital devices of leaving staff, at all management level: This will entail forensically imaging computer devices and depending on the needs, either conduct a proactive review of the imaged hard drive or cold-store the image for a period of 6 months to pre-empt any allegations of wrongdoings during that time period.

  • Mobile phone, smart phone/tablet forensic analysis to uncover and recover artefacts that will support an investigation or review.

  • Intellectual property theft allegation investigation.

  • Digital investigation on matrimonial issues.

  • Fraud, forgeries and other white collar misconduct.

  • IT security review for General Controls in-line with best practices, ISO 27001 and BS 7799.