• Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation

Drawing on our BDO network of over 64,000 professionals in 158 countries, our Cost Transformation practice brings unmatched professional knowledge and practical experience to our clients.

Today’s highly competitive landscape is prompting businesses to address a new set of challenges. Prepared businesses will emerge stronger from this period and be in a position to capitalise on opportunities that will arrive.

We are here to bring you a strategic approach to cost management. We strive to deliver sustainable financial benefits through identifying short-term quick wins in cost savings, as well as longer-term changes that will create a leaner and more operationally efficient and effective organisation.

We do not believe in making slash and burn cuts. We clearly differentiate between the good costs that are necessary for current and future growth and the bad, superfluous costs that hinder growth.

BDO is deeply analytical, but practical, in our approach. We use benchmarking tools to analyse, ensuring that we always deliver recommendations that can be implemented swiftly. We will always be around to ensure that recommendations are successful.

Our Approach

Our approach is structured but practical and focuses on delivering tangible benefits early in the process. It starts with a quick and independent review of the current business – customers, products, services, operations, supply chain and back office operations. We identify key costs, benchmark them against industry leading practices, provide initial ideas about potential cost cutting initiatives and where to focus future efforts.

Jointly, BDO and the client's team focus on specific cost cutting opportunities like:

  • Optimisation of Core and Non-Core Spend
  • Creation of Share Service Centres
  • Supply Chain Restructuring
  • Efficient Asset Utilisation
  • Change of Product Mix
  • Process Optimisation