• Business Model Transformation

Business Model Transformation

Growth is difficult. Trusted business models run out of steam. Disruptive start-ups appear from
nowhere. Organisations which have previously excelled at doing what made them successful have
now become victims of their own success.

We help organisations grow by defining and focusing on their core. We notice what others have
overlooked, offering you insights and solutions accumulated from extensive experience and intimate industry knowledge to create value for your business.

We work collaboratively, building lasting capabilities to help your organisation mobilise for change. We define our success by your results. Together, we help you design and create your future.

At BDO, we make the connection between insights to uncover actionable answers clients need. Positive, measurable business and strategic outcomes are our goals.

Our Practices

Innovation  Strategy
Organisations understand the importance of innovation, but they find themselves lacking when it comes to execution. We define innovation as seeing things in a new light, helping our clients gain valuable insights to transform their organisation and boost performance.

Organisation Business Model Strategy
Business life cycle is shrinking across industries, creating an imperative to innovate to remain relevant in the increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world. Future success often hinges on the rethinking of the current business model by defining and redefining compelling customer value propositions. Whether seeking to drive breakout growth or reinvigorating a lagging core, management needs to ask themselves: Can our existing model continue to win?

Strategic Resource Planning
Highly successful organisations are consistent and dynamic resource planners and allocators. They have great adaptability and value creation, to be resilient towards changes, particularly in uncertain economic times. Most organisations are passive to allocate resources to the right areas in the business.

Integrated Solutions Strategy
Organisations often struggle with their strategy, and it can be challenging to reconcile the need for
short-term returns with long-term strategic goals. It is even more challenging to build the capabilities required to achieve both short- and long-term goals.

We help organisations enhance and strengthen their strategy development processes and assist clients with solutions to specific strategic issues or design whole new approach to their organisational strategy.