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Business Excellence Advisory

Enabling Organisations to Achieve a Higher Level of Performance 


Testimonial by Joshua Goh, Co-Founder, 5footway.inn


(A)    Business Excellence Advisory

In today’s rapidly evolving and globalised economy, enterprises are actively pursuing business sustainability and scalability to maintain long-term market competitiveness. Some companies just work – like a well-oiled machine, they function seamlessly internally by having robust processes and keeping employees engaged with their jobs. Externally, they can maintain a competitive advantage and adapt according to different economic conditions. Regardless of industry size, structure or stage of development, these are the hallmarks of sustainable enterprises that have achieved organisational excellence. If you are a business owner reading this, the more pertinent question is – where do you start?

Achieving Organisational Excellence with the Business Excellence Initiative
Organisational excellence is all about adopting a holistic approach to strengthening management systems and processes of an organisation for growth and productivity improvements. The Business Excellence initiative is driven by SPRING Singapore to help and encourage organisations in their journey towards organisational excellence by assessing and improving their performance against the requirements of internationally benchmarked organisational excellence frameworks such as:

  • The Baldridge Performance Excellence Programme in the United States
  • The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Award
  • The Japan Quality Award
  • The Australian Business Excellence Award

As a prolific advisory service provider to enterprises seeking to achieve organisational excellence and to prepare for the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) recognition by SPRING Singapore, BDO’s Business Excellence Advisory service helps business owners to identify organisational gaps and impart insights on industry best practices to improve the organisation. Our proprietary methodology is rooted in SPRING’s Business Excellence Framework and is focused on understanding your organisational needs thoroughly before designing a recommendation roadmap to address the identified gaps in the organisation.

Our Business Excellence Advisory service covers the seven (7) essential areas of an organisation, including:

  • Leadership, which focuses on your commitment and involvement in setting clear directions and goals, as well as sustaining clear and unique corporate values in your organisation
  • People, which focuses on how your organisation taps the full potential of the workforce, emphasising on human resource strategies, training and development, employee satisfaction and performance recognition
  • Customers, which focuses on how your organisation determines and fulfils changing customer requirements and improves customer satisfaction
  • Processes, which focuses on how your organisation manages and seek continuous improvements of essential processes in the organisation
  • Knowledge, which focuses on the collection, management and analysis of information to improve and support decision-making at all levels of the organisation
  • Strategy, which focuses on how you drive your organisation’s strategy development and ensure proper implementation of action plans to achieve your organisational goals
  • Results, which focus on how you track your organisation’s performance in key areas such as financial and market results, people results, customer results and operational results

With such a list of broad areas to look at, we at BDO strive to provide bespoke solutions that best fit your organisation, by working closely with the management in prioritising changes that are urgent, impactful and specific to your enterprise.

An organisation anchored on the foundations of Business Excellence will provide you with the confidence of maintaining business resiliency and catalysing sustainable growth in the long run.


(B)   Strategy Innovation and Transformation 

              Strategy for leaders who design and create the future


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
                                                    – Peter Drucker


Growth is hard. Trusted business models run out of steam. Disruptive start-ups appear from nowhere. Organisations which have previously excelled at doing what made them successful have now become victims of their own success. 

We help organisations grow by defining and focusing on their core. We see things that others miss, offering you insights and solutions accumulated from deep experience and intimate industry knowledge to create more value for your business. We work collaboratively, building lasting capabilities to help your organisation mobilise for change. We define our success by your results. Together, we help you design and create your future. At BDO, we are committed to partner with you in the following areas for business transformation:

Innovation and Growth
Innovation is critical to growth, but most organisations fall short. Organisations understand the importance of innovation, but they fail when it comes to its execution. We define innovation as seeing things in a new light, helping our clients gain valuable insights into transforming their organisation and boosting performance. We support our clients to develop a clear innovative strategy to meet their business and strategic objectives through identification of gaps between where they are and where they want to be. We work with our clients to identify areas of their businesses that are ripe for innovation through a proven 10-point framework, and we can support them in rapid business-case prototyping and development to transform ideas into reality.
Organisational Transformation
Business model lifecycles are shrinking across industries, creating an imperative to innovate to remain relevant in the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Future success often hinges on the rethinking of the current business model by defining and redefining compelling customer value propositions and supporting it with a viable, profitable and efficient operating model. Whether seeking to drive breakout growth, reinvigorate a lagging core, or defend against industry disruption or decline, management needs to ask themselves: Can our existing business model continue to win?
Resource Planning
Highly successful organisations are consistent and dynamic resource planners and allocators. They are resilient towards change, adaptability and value creation, particularly in uncertain economic times. Most organisations are slow to allocate resources to the right areas in the business. Every year, they stick to the same processes for strategy development, capital budgeting and talent management with marginal improvements from the year before, if at all. Quoting Albert Einstein, “Madness is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”
We help clients to design an effective strategic resource planning and budgeting processes to overcome the inertia that hinders organisational growth. We utilise tools and techniques to help organisations challenge the status quo and overcoming obstacles in the way of dynamic organisational renewal. To us, winning is not the end goal. Sustaining the business is the ultimate key to success. 
Strategy Design and Management
Organisations often struggle with their strategy, and it can be challenging to reconcile the need for short-term returns with long-term strategic goals. It is even more challenging to build the capabilities required to achieve both short- and long-term goals. We help organisations enhance and strengthen their strategy development processes and assist clients with solutions to specific strategic issues or design a whole new approach to their organisational strategy.
We can provide guidance on strategic issues, including processes for successful strategic planning and advice on implementation with the executive team. Each organisation is different with varying contexts and divergent challenges, and, to support the team, we develop bespoke solutions tailored to each organisation’s culture, organisational structure, processes and results desired. Hence, being different is our unique motto and commitment to our clients. 

What our clients say about us.


“BDO collaborated closely with 5footway on our Business Excellence journey, working with us to implement best-in-class internal processes over the course of a year, becoming the first SQC-certified company in the industry in December 2016. They helped us to strengthen our existing systems and to create new ones to support the needs of our rapidly growing business. More importantly, the passion and commitment they demonstrated inculcated the Business Excellence culture of continuous learning in our organisation.”

Elynn Chua, Assistant Director, 5footway.inn


CHH Construction System Pte. Ltd

“Our company CHH Construction System Pte Ltd engaged BDO to help us with our BE - Business Excellence (SPRING) journey in 2015. Over the following 12 months or so, BDO and their representatives displayed their impeccable work ethic, professionalism and competence in their work, assisting in the transformation of our company. CHH Construction System Pte Ltd was finally awarded with the prestigious SQC in November 2016, as a result. We are very grateful to BDO and the team that they put forth to assist us.”

Tee Wei Jian, Technical Advisor, Design & Solutions, CHH Construction System Pte. Ltd