BDO Singapore Holds Beach Clean-Up at East Coast Park

07 December 2017

On Friday, 8 December 2017, more than 150 BDO professional staff, directors and partners took time off from their usual work at the office to pick-up trash, and rubbish at East Coast Park (ECP) Beach aimed to support a clean and green environment.

Every year, BDO will set aside a day where the professional staff will contribute time and effort towards community work. We are focused and committed to making a difference in the area of corporate social responsibility. Last year, we were involved in giving the people at Willing Hearts a hand in preparing and delivering food to the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent families and needy families. This year, we turn our attention to the environment as part of our CSR project for the year.

Armed with gloves, tongs and trash bags BDO staff start the clean-up at 9.30 am from ECP  Park Area F walking almost a distance of 6 km to end of ECP Park Area C.

The activity also has another objective. It is not just about fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility to the community and the environment. But more importantly, the exercise will also help create awareness for every participating staff a taste of what our environmental workers faced each day when they carry out their work in keeping our environment clean and safe. Thus, we hope the activity will reinforce their commitment to preserving our clean environment and at the same time makes them appreciate the work and sacrifices of our environmental workers.

With 2018 designated as the Year of Climate Action in Singapore, this initiative is a prelude to more similar efforts for next year.