• The Future of Budget Accommodation

The Future of Budget Accommodation

01 October 2015

All eyes are on Asia when it comes to tourism growth and opportunities. In 2013, Asia Pacific recorded the highest relative growth rates, of which the SEA region saw phenomenon growth with a 10.5% increase in international tourist arrival of 93.1 million and USD 107.4 billion worth of international tourism receipts.

With rising disposable consumer income amongst Asia Pacific consumers, particularly in emerging economies such as Indonesia and Malaysia, more are choosing to travel within the region, taking more frequent but shorter trips to destinations nearer to home.

Coupled with a growing preference for budget flight carriers and accommodation options to sustain traveling habits, this has stimulated rapid growth in the budget end of the travel scale.

BDO conducted a study from the Asia Pacific region to better understand consumer preferences and behavior towards the growing trend of budget accommodation in Asia Pacific.