• Vision & Values

Vision & Values


Our Vision

To be the leader of exceptional client service.

Our Values

BDO Promotes Thought-Leadership
BDO Engages and Develops Talents
BDO Leverages on Stakeholders' Support
BDO is Ambitious Beyond Profits
BDO Fosters Strong Relationships
BDO Embraces Social Responsibility

BDO operates in a market split between two extremes: the large, integrated, global brands who are expensive and inflexible, and the small, local players who may not have a cohesive network or large resources, but can generally claim to have a close relationship with their clients. In this market international clients value the availability of a strong, cohesive network, whereas to others a local perspective is an advantage. Regulations have been changing at a rapid rate, public expectations have been heightened, and a litigious atmosphere has been created. Never has the need to assert one's integrity been so important.

BDO serves growth-oriented, owner-managed businesses with expanding international requirements, governments, institutions, non-profit organisations. Increasingly, BDO also serves prestigious, multi-national clients and the larger privately-owned companies.